Artist Statement 

With no prior experience, I began to paint from a place of pure freedom, extracting the feeling of oppression, sorrow and all the unpleasant memories I had experienced growing up and carried into adulthood. 
This became a form of therapy to pour my heart and soul into with every stroke of the brush. In return, it brought about an enormous change of awareness, self-confidence, and self-worth. This revitalized energy and meditative healing then transformed into a life source. 
In some of my recent artwork, I have depicted the therapeutic beauty that I find in all cultures of the human race. My process utilizes acrylic and mixed media to convey the richest elements of specific subjects. With these artworks, I select paint colors and reclaimed materials that I collage in order to present various cultural elements such as the Ghanaian Punu King who paints his face white to protect his village from harm and adorns his mouth with exotic coverings.
In my other artworks, I convey strength through majestic animals like eagles, peacocks, horses, and elephants. What is majestic? An eagle is a beautiful creature who lives life with a passion and purpose. A Stallion can be wild or tame depending on how it is treated. Elephant symbolism involves wisdom, patience, and thought. The peacock is known in history to possess some of the most admired human characteristics and is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our vibrant and authentic colors. We can learn a lot from animals and from color. 
In my working process when doing abstract paintings, I like to find figures that become studies for figurative works such as Life in Motion which contains multiple unplanned images within one single image with subjective meanings.
In these paintings, I am drawn to these desired concepts for their qualities that make the human experience more rewarding.

Héda Rose